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Security Architecture

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Security Management

Secure Digital Business Risk Based Security Management

As mobility and availability requirements grow, so does the complexity of systems and applications. Especially in the area of cyber security, it is not possible and often not necessary to address all threats and vulnerabilities. We help you to develop a risk-based view of your data and applications and to define and optimize corresponding management approaches. We also guide you in considering new strategies in the area of resilience.

  • Cyber security and risk management
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Cyber resilience and Business Continuity Management (BCM)

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Our Security Management Services

Do you require assistance in determining, implementing, and reviewing the necessary protective measures to minimize the cyber risk exposure of your company?

We are here to help with risk-based security management. We consider the cyber threats against your most valued assets, providing you with an effective and cost-efficient means of safeguarding your business.

Your need

Determine, implement, and test the necessary protective measures to minimize the organization’s cyber risk exposure.

Our approach

Risk-based security management taking into account cyber threats to the crown jewels allows effective and cost-efficient protection of the enterprise.

Our services
  • Cyber security risk management
  • Crown jewels analysis
  • Cyber security risk analysis
  • CISO as a Service
  • Cyber resilience
  • Third party risk management
  • Security management: fortControl (SaaS)
  • Crypto asset risk analysis
  • Post-quantum risks

Security Architecture

Static, perimeter-based security models have not been able to cope with today’s dynamic challenges for quite some time.

Modern access management and control mechanisms make it possible to consider the whole context and thus to make risk-based decisions. Based on advanced information about your digital identities, their location, access time, and many other factors, you can define fine-grained access rules that allow you to strike a balance between optimal security and high usability.

Three basic areas of application can be identified in which Zero Trust measures can be implemented according to the “Never Trust, Always Verify” paradigm:

  • Access management: Adaptive authentication & authorization based on risk levels determined by contextual information.
  • Segmentation: Dynamic segmentation based on policies (per workload)
  • Security operation: Continuously identify, analyze and respond to suspicious (user) activity.
Secure Digital Business Context-based Security Model

Our Security Architecture Services

Your complex IT design and implementations demand compliance with security directives, compliance requirements, and leading practice standards.

We assist you in determining standardized, forward-looking enterprise architecture designs as well as concrete solution architectures. These serve as a secure link between directives and implementation.

Your need

Complex IT design and implementations while adhering to security directives, compliance requirement and leading practice standards.

Our approach

Determination of standardized, future-oriented enterprise architecture designs as well as concrete solution architectures as a secure link between specification and implementation.

Our services
  • DevSecOps process automation
  • API security design & architecture
  • Security architecture for application integrations
  • Risk analysis, threat modeling & security testing of applications
  • Post-quantum security
Your need

Solving the technical challenges during the transition from static perimeter protection to dynamic micro-segmentation.

Our approach

Design and implement risk-based adaptive access management and dynamic policy-based resource segmentation.

Our services
  • Zero Trust target architecture
  • Policy-based access control
  • Transition planning and support
  • Legacy integration
  • Applied Zero Trust lab

Would you like to learn more about our Zero Trust approach? Download our Applied Zero Trust Whitepaper to get a comprehensive overview and a deeper understanding of our expertise in this area. For a quicker and more compact overview, please see our 2-page Applied Zero Trust Fact Sheet.

Your need

Effective and efficient use of the complex cloud landscape for flexible, cost-efficient and secure operations.

Our approach

Cloud strategy as a basic building block for the development of scalable, flexible cloud services and scalable, automated processes: Account, Cost and Security Management.

Our services
  • Cloud strategy & transformation
  • Cloud security governance
  • Cloud security analysis
  • Compliance & third party risks
  • Design minimal viable cloud
Your need

Harmonization of the different access options and their management in the on-prem and (multi-)cloud environment..

Our approach

Homogeneous and secure handling of all accesses to the crown jewels as well as to the protection objects in the on-prem as well as cloud environment..

Our services
  • IAM Design and Implementation
  • Multifactor authentication
  • PAM Architecture & Integration
  • WebIAM
  • Secrets Management

Security Implementation

Secure Digital Business Usable Security

Cyber security is not about perfection and many principles such as security-by-design to not go far enough or tend to neglect the human factor. The development and implementation of security functions must place the user at the center. This is the only way to ensure acceptance and understanding.

But what is good enough. The complex security issues and associated risks must be understood at their core. Based on this, effective, company-specific implementations in the areas of awareness, process optimization, usability and automation can be derived. For example, modern standards around “passwordless” (such as FIDO2) enable high security and enhanced usability at the same time.

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