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Risk-based security management

Secure Digital Business Context-based Security Model

Security management is an essential part of the overall risk management of a company or organization. An effective security management system actively manages security risks through a systematic approach to risk identification, assessment, communication and treatment.


Risk-driven and targeted protection of information worthy of protection and the related information and communication infrastructure

Required skills

  • Systematic and continuous identification, analysis and assessment of information security risks
  • Development and implementation monitoring of improvement and protection measures
  • Active communication and handling of residual risks (management anchoring & risk acceptance)

fortControl - Swiss Platform for Security Management

fortControl is a security management platform developed and operated by FortIT:

  • Various dashboards for a quick overall view: Maturity diagrams for assessments, overview of risks and residual risks
  • Process support for common security management functions: Definitions, improvement process, risk management, maturity analyses
  • Understand your organization’s risk profile through visual dependency representation
  • Add-on modules available for easy supplier management, data protection management according to revDSG

NEW: Module for public surveys / assessments.

fortControl - Predefined Control Sets for Maturity Analyses

Various security control sets are already preconfigured and can be enhanced with your own assessments:

  • CIS Controls v8: Security Controls Center for Internet Security
  • ISO 27001 Anhang A: Information Security Management System (2013)
  • ISO 27001 Anhang A: Information Security Management System (2022)
  • IKT-Minimalstandard des BWL
  • BSI Cloud Security
  • NIST Framework 1.1
  • ePrivacy Seal CH-Version 2018
  • ePrivacy Seal EU v3.0
  • FINMA BCM Check
  • OWASP Top 10

fortControl - Module for Public Surveys / Security Checks

Awareness is an important factor in security management to promote the understanding and acceptance of security measures.

fortControl offers a special module for easy and fast creation of public surveys and security checks based on control sets.


Example of a public security check of existing customers:

fortControl - Scalable and secure web platform

fortControl is a modern, secure cloud solution:

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Secure Digital Business Usable Security

Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in a using fortControl in a professional context. Annual team licenses are available from CHF 8,400.